Andrea Luoma
Accommodare Consulting


Dr. Andrea synergizes communication to profoundly transform teams and relationships

  • Dr. Andrea’s business knowledge and broad industry network are invaluable, and she can lead discussions from the front when required, however more often she will guide groups to reach the right answers under their own direction, therefore increasing their confidence and personal awareness.
    — David Cochrane, Chief Executive, Scotland Hospitality Industry Trust
  • After 27 years of leadership positions in the hotel industry, I was quite comfortable in my knowledge and ability with leadership. Then I took Dr. Andrea’s leadership course, and she changed my way of thinking in a way no one else has.
    — Balendra Nagesvaran, VP Operations North America, Luxury Brands, AccorHotels
  • Dr. Andrea Luoma is one of the best leadership trainers I have come across. She is an asset to any organization and institution with her deep understanding of leadership and communication and relevancy in the modern business and turbulent world.
    — Juozas Mačys, Managing Director, UAB "Arpresa" (AL Group Company), Lithuania
  • The biggest difference from Dr. Andrea is my style of communication, and looking at the complexities in terms of priming a conversation, as well the importance of listening differently. It was fascinating to learn about what is going on in someone's brain chemically during a conversation, and how they might then present themselves differently as a result.
    — Marcello Ventisei, General Manager, The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Dr. Andrea has an innate ability to “read” people in terms of their emotions and with respect to their readiness learn and grow. She then differentiates a poignant challenge necessary for each individual to take that next step in moving forward.
    — Kim Dreux Sullivan Kelly, Associate Director, International Institute for Tourism Studies, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Work challenges prior to working with Dr. Andrea

The Stats - Companies with strategically engaged employees are more productive and more profitable:


  • Organizations that have over 50% employee engagement retain over 80% of their customers (Demand Metric, 2013)
  • Every employee that crosses over from being disengaged to engaged adds an incremental $13,000 to the bottom line each year
  • Disengaged employees cost organizations $3,400 a year for every $10,000 in annual salary (Haydon, 2013).
  • Organizations with engaged employees outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%. (Business2Community, 2016)
  • Unengaged employees cost an average of $392 per employee safety incident, compared to just $63 for an engaged employee (MolsonCoors)

Accommodare Consulting

Neuroscience-based communication and leadership consulting and coaching

Results of working with Dr. Andrea:

  • Increased team dynamics, trust, and cooperation
  • Fewer stalled or failed projects
  • Escape spending so much of time ‘refereeing’ among warring teams and committees
  • Altered relationships for increased engagement, productivity, and efficiency
  • Less time spent in meetings & less work duplication
  • Enhanced internal communication for greater shareholder return
  • Diminished need for conflict intervention or mediation
  • Strengthened management ability to be effective in responding to resistance to change 

Dr. Andrea provides expertise in:

Organizational consulting

Altering communication patterns

Developing international and diverse teams

Leadership progression and advancement: front-line to C-Suite

Executive and communication coaching

Transforming organizational culture

Enhancing morale, engagement, and commitment

Implementing successful change initiatives



Executive testimonials after learning with Dr. Luoma

relaxingpicTake a moment to imagine…

Imagine if your team had better internal communication? What would be the results? Embraced change initiatives, improved employee engagement, shorter meetings, followed direction and delegation, things done right the first time. What results could you see from improved internal communication and what results would you like to see?