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Dr. Andrea captures audience attention by delivering powerful tailored ideas that transform professional and personal lives

Prague Commencement Speech (May2016)

Executive Scholars Workshop Highlights, London 2016 

The Stats - The high costs of inadequate communication:

  • 2/3 of employees do not receive enough information during corporate change (Holmes Report, 2011)
  • 71% of employees feel managers do not spend enough time explaining goals and plans (Enterprise Minnesota, 2013)
  • Inadequate communication creates an average loss per company of $62.4 million per year (Grossman, 2011)
  • Communication failure was reported in over 70% of cases as the primary root cause of patient harm (US Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation, 2005), and in 2010 cost U.S. hospitals $12 billion (Agarwal, R., Sands, DZ, & Schneider, JD)


Sample Keynotes

Employee Engagement is not the goal
London Hospitality Industry Executives, 2016

In what direction is your focus?
Commencement Address, InterActive Universities, Prague, CZK, 2016

Leadership in transformative times
Laureate Executive Leadership Summit, Marbella, Spain, 2015

The pen is mightier than the sword but the tongue is more dangerous
Alumni Event, Glion Institute of Higher Education, London, 2014

What you heard is not what I said
Glion Executives, Bulle, Switzerland, 2014

Sample Training & Facilitation

“Conversational Intelligence: Because 1 in 10 conversations miss the mark”

“Strategic Customer Experience for Transformation & Sustainability”

“Why the Golden Rule isn’t so golden: Appreciation is what your co-workers really want”

“Success in leading change initiatives”

“Employee engagement, what’s missing?”

“Communicate to be heard: Retain, manage & motivate Gen Z, Y, X & the Baby Boomers”

“Conversational renovation to increase the customer experience: Neurology inquisition”

“Developing greater team effectiveness though understanding communication styles”


  • After Dr. Luoma spoke at Commencement, I had to find out just how she knew my exact situation? She captivated my attention in total, spoke directly to me, assured me that all is okay, and inspired me to take the professional leap I’ve wanted to for a very long time! Dr. Luoma is a powerful speaker!
    — InterActive Universities, 2016 Alumnus
  • Dr. Andrea has an ability to engage everyone in the room, combined with a great knowledge of her subject. She’s highly specialized in what she does, and can relate to each person, their businesses, and what’s important to them.
    — Marcello Ventisei, General Manager, The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • I knew when I invited Dr. Luoma to give the 2016 Commencement Address at InterActive Universities, she would have a tremendous impact. She did not disappoint! Her words were passionate, inspiring, challenging, humorous, and spoke to each and every individual in the audience. She truly touched the hearts and minds of all!
    — Jeremy Bradley, COO & Executive Director, InterActive Pro
  • If you are considering working with Dr. Andrea, be open minded, and willing to reflect on yourself and well as others.
    — Brett Davidge, General Manager, Apex City Quay, Dundee, Scotland, UK
relaxingpicTake a moment to imagine…

You hired good people, yet, perhaps you wonder what has happened? Perhaps staff aren’t portraying the excellence you saw when hired. Leaders regularly lament that they need their teams to be better engaged or are seeking methods of motivation. Yet, workers cannot be motivated because they already are motivated – just not by the same things you are! Imagine having improved morale and employee engagement, leading to greater service provided to clients, customers and guests, stronger teamwork with fewer mistakes, and the getting of things done right the first time?