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Leverage communication to dramatically impact team efficiency and interaction

Prague Commencement Speech (May2016)

The Stats - Customer & service costs due to poor communication:

  • Employees who lack communication management struggle to know how to satisfy customers and lose the commitment to do so (Pinnington, 2011)
  • Following a negative customer experience, 58% of Americans would never use that company again. Every time you fail to resolve a customer’s issue, there’s more than a 50% chance you’ll never hear from them again (New Voice Media, 2017)
  • 60% of consumers favor a balance of price and service and will not accept low service levels in exchange for a cheap deal (Institute of Customer Service, UK, 2016)
  • A five-point improvement in employee attitude results in a 1.3% increase in customer satisfaction, which then drives an 0.5% increase in company revenue (Rucci, Kirn & Quinn, 1998).

Accommodare Consulting

Neuroscience-based communication and leadership consulting and coaching

Gain insight into how your brain and body work for and against you in all interactions. Neuroscience insights inform our similarity, while identifying how our brains and bodies caution, protect, and keep us safe. The brain’s default to keep you safe ranges from caution to fear; thus impacting every conversation and interaction. The body cautions through chemical and electrical responses and may keep you from saying what needs to be said or doing what needs to be done.

Dr. Andrea will respectfully challenge the prevailing philosophies, behaviors, and patterns you exhibit, while providing take-away practices for immediate use in your work environment with your team, customers, clients, and even in personal relationships. Experience interactive and reflective learning for sustainable and transformational change.


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  • Dr. Luoma is unfailingly proactive, responsive, and very professional. Her interventions are timely, extensive and challenging. Professionals from all over the world are truly drawn to her and have great respect for her high degree of cross‐cultural sensitivity and the ability to lead, interact, and respond effectively among people of extreme international diversity.
    — Mary Farmer, Former Director, Executive Education Programs, Glion Institute of Higher Education
  • Dr. Andrea has a communication style that can make even the most complex issues understandable, and can therefore build teams and trust at the highest level. Her enthusiasm for life, coupled with a natural sense of fun can enable people on her programmes to reach heights that they never thought they could.
    — David Cochrane, Chief Executive, Scotland Hospitality Industry Trust
  • If you work with Dr. Andrea, be prepared to really scrutinize yourself, and think about your situation, behavior, and the context of the subject. If you do this, you'll really learn a lot!
    — Marcello Ventisei, General Manager, The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Dr. Luoma creates a safe and inviting forum of discussion, learning and an exchange of ideas. Her ability to connect with individuals, grasp their personal skill sets and inspire great performance is paramount. Trainees benefit and course delivery, content and context are elevated.
    — Kim Dreux Sullivan Kelly, Associate Director, International Institute for Tourism Studies, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
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People strive to thrive; and environments must be created where teams can thrive. Thriving has nothing to do with providing ping pong tables, snacks, nap rooms, or other wellness environment attributes. Too many organizations in their best intentions and practices actually create environments where people shrink, languish, or retreat. Imagine if you could eliminate turf battles or improve lateral communication?

…Can you imagine?