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Altering communication patterns and enhancing trust to maximize relationships

Work challenges prior to working with Dr. Andrea

Team-building at InterActive, May 2016 

The Stats - The high cost of poor internal communication:

  • Poor internal communications cost businesses $26,041 per employee per year in lost productivity and efficiency (Holmes Report, 2011)
  • Miscommunication costs companies of 5,000 employees an average of $21,000,000 and 750,000 hours (Hamilton)
  • When CEOs talk strategy, 70% of the company does NOT get it (Forbes, 2013)
  • Poor communication in U.S. hospitals has cost the nation $12 billion a year, (Agarwal, R., Sands, DZ, & Schneider, JD, 2010.
  • Employees feeling stress from poor relationships at work is a key driver of company law suits. One study reports that organizations implementing collaborative conflict management systems reap savings of 50% to 80% (English, 2005).

Expertise in…

  • Communication enhancement for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Building or rebuilding trust
  • Cross-cultural management and team development
  • Enhancing employee engagement
  • Navigating and synergizing the generations in the workplace
  • Improving productivity
  • Exceeding service excellence

Appreciation Languages in the Workplace©

Dr. Andrea is a certified facilitator of Appreciation Languages at Work©. When employees feel appreciated for what they do and how they contribute to the organisation’s success, the process of change goes more smoothly. Team members who feel valued are less reactive and more open to changes within an organisation that affect them personally.

Though almost 90 % of all businesses in the U.S. and 70 % worldwide have some form of employee recognition activities, these programs are not effective in helping team members feel truly valued. 51% of corporate managers think they are doing a good job recognizing their employees, while 17% of employees feel the same. Learn from Dr. Andrea how to create a sustainably engaging environment where your employees want to work!

Conversational Intelligence©

Dr. Andrea is a certified facilitator in Conversational Intelligence© (C-IQ) a neuroscience-based body of work that helps us understand that with every interaction and conversation we are pulling others toward us or pushing them away.

Learn to improvement communication when you learn how your brain and body work for and against you with every interaction!

C­-IQ gives us insights into how the brain and body responds during conversations and how conversations activate brain trust and distrust networks. C-IQ is the hardwired learnable ability, to connect, navigate, and grow with others—a necessity of healthy and resilient organizations in the face of change.


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    • I find Andrea to be hugely knowledgeable in the field of understanding how people work individually and in groups. She’s very inspirational and passionate about what she delivers. Her way of putting things embed the information and you are able to use it after the event.
      — Brett Davidge, General Manager, Apex City Quay, Dundee, Scotland, UK
    • Dr. Andrea's greatest strengths are her passion for what she does, she's very knowledgeable, she has industry experience and is able to relate that to each of us in the room. And there's a lot of fun there; which is very refreshing.
      — Stuart Douglas, General Manager, Macdonald Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    • Dr. Andrea takes you across a wide spectrum of leadership, from communication to what change means in the business, your own behaviors and values. I found that different from other courses, and though it's quite a broad spectrum she relates them well to one another.
      — Marcello Ventisei, General Manager, The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    • Dr. Andrea reinforces and repeats points. We quickly learned that only 50% of the words that are passed on people are forgotten. Because after every 12-18 seconds, they are processing the information you've given them, then they cut off for a short while, and then get things going again. I will take that back to my work environment, and repeat, repeat, repeat, so my staff get it, not some of them, but all of them.
      — David Scott, Director of Operations, Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK
    relaxingpicTake a moment to imagine…

    Imagine if, rather than constantly having to follow up, you could spend the majority of your time co-creating or innovating? Imagine if you could spend less and less time repeating yourself? What if you could spend more time celebrating than fixing?