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Helping leaders determine their aspirations and develop capacities for exceeding them

Executive testimonials after learning with Dr. Andrea


  • Dr. Andrea has a communication style that can make even the most complex issues understandable, and can build teams and trust at the highest level. Her business knowledge and broad industry network are invaluable, and she can lead discussions from the front when required, however more often she will guide groups to reach the right answers under their own direction, therefore increasing their confidence and personal awareness. Her enthusiasm for life, coupled with a natural sense of fun can enable people to reach heights that they never thought they could.
    — David Cochrane,Chief Executive at Hospitality Industry Trust, Scotland
  • Dr. Luoma is unfailingly proactive, responsive, and very professional. Her interventions are timely, extensive and challenging. Professionals from all over the world are truly drawn to her and have great respect for her high degree of cross‐cultural sensitivity and the ability to lead, interact, and respond effectively among people of extreme international diversity.
    — Mary Farmer, Former Director, Executive Education Programs at Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland
  • I have worked with Dr. Andrea one-on-one and twice organizationally, and she’s been fantastic each time. She is: • Bold yet approachable • Very tuned in with the latest research in leadership and neurology, and in hospitality • Shows her sharp critical thinking • Thought provoking (an understatement!) • And always very inclusive If you are a fan of the status-quo, make way - because she will break you not so gently but ever so effectively! Because you know you need it, you want it!
    — Eddy Brosse, General Manager at Campanile London-Dartford
  • I knew when I invited Dr. Luoma to give the 2016 Commencement Address at InterActive Universities, she would have a tremendous impact. She did not disappoint! Her words were passionate, inspiring, challenging, humorous, and spoke to each and every individual in the audience. She truly touched the hearts and minds of all!
    — Jeremy Bradley, COO & Executive Director at InterActive Pro

Typical Client Results

  • Improved self-awareness
  • Accelerated interpersonal and team dynamics
  • Less talking over or past one another
  • Strengthened trust
  • Enhanced organizational cultures
  • Transformation of stalled teams
  • Escape spending so much time ‘refereeing’ among warring teams and committees
  • Elevated interactive processes so change initiatives are embraced and maximized
  • Advanced leader growth and interactions for greater effectiveness, productivity, and profitability
Typical Clients are those who excel and are constantly striving.

Learn to see differences that others don’t see.

Learn to read people and situations from neurological, chemical, and electrical responses
for lifechanging results.

Providing results for top executives & organizations:

  • Accor Hotel Group, North America, France & Thailand
  • Africa Israel Hotels Ltd (IHG Franchising, Israel)
  • Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts
  • Burj Al Arab, Dubai
  • Hyatt Regency, Osaka
  • InterActive Universities, Prague
  • Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai
  • Marina Bay Sands Resort, Singapore
  • Marriott International, Jakarta
  • Nigerian Ministry of Tourism
  • Omnia Hotel, Zermatt
  • Park Hyatt, Zurich
  • Park Plaza Hotel, Beijing
  • Ritz-Carlton, Miami
  • Shangri-la Hotel, Dubai
  • SO Sofitel, Bangkok
  • Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces, Mumbai, New Delhi, & NYC
  • THE 13 hotel, Macau
  • The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong
  • Tourism Scotland
  • Triscel (Pvt) Ltd Mfg, Sri Lanka
  • Visit Seattle

The Stats - The staggering costs of effective and efficient communication:

  • Companies with leaders who are highly effective communicators have 47% higher total returns to shareholders (Holmes Report, 2011). And good communication has been cited as the single most important thing when it comes to successful business.
  • Miscommunication costs companies of 1,000 employees an average of $4,200,000 and 150,000 lost hours per year (Rogen International, 2012).
  • IT projects often fail because organizations put more emphasis on rational factors than on employees' psychological engagement, costing U.S. organizations 5-15% or $50-$150 billion per year (Gallup, 2012). 

Accommodare Consulting guarantees its work. If you are not happy with the quality of our work, you may seek a refund of the whole fee, or a proportion of the total fee reflecting your perception of value rendered. Should a client choose to invoke the guarantee (it’s never happened), we would encourage and welcome them to call and discuss their feedback.


  • Dr. Andrea has done a wonderful job of dealing with what are usually classed as "the difficult ones" (getting 12 senior hospitality executives in one room is hard enough, but to command their attention in a classroom for four days is incredible). The constant feedback in the classroom and out was incredible. She made a massive (positive) impact.
    — John Bradley, Regional General Manager, Imperial London Hotels, UK
  • The most important lesson I took from Dr. Andrea is to listen and try to understand without jumping in with my answer, as managers need to find the answer themselves. This has contributed to a positive work culture and atmosphere of confidence, where all staff are interested in and support each other. It’s not just me who has benefitted, the whole team have!
    — Brian Galbraith, Managing Director, Hickory Event Catering, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Dr. Andrea created a safe environment and made me believe in myself again. Her time, energy, knowledge, and wisdom, made this the most amazing training I have ever had!
    — Aliaks Jos, General Manager, City of London Apex Hotel, UK
  • From working with Dr. Andrea, I am changing my approach to difficult conversations. I plan to spend much more time looking at the motivators and dynamics of the people involved, and what feelings might be generated by the conversation. This is life changing for me as it will be a very deliberate change.
    — Marcello Ventisei, General Manager, The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • The 3 things I got most from working with Dr. Andrea are the passion that she teaches with helps you understand yourself, helps you understand others, and helps you understand how you interact with others. She then relates how you can use this knowledge to better achieve your goals and create better unity within your organization.
    — Brett Davidge, General Manager, Apex City Quay, Dundee, Scotland, UK
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You’ve provided excellent training, so why doesn’t the team get it, do it, or emulate it? Most trainings don’t work! Why? You cannot just train as individuals must turn that knowledge into action. Most employees, regardless of level, don’t know how nor are they skilled or trained to take action. This isn’t merely telling someone to be nicer, change their attitude, or a mandate ‘you must get along’. Knowledge without action goes nowhere, and knowledge without methods to take action are simply money wasted on training. Imagine if you could have a team with reduced stress, greater confidence and comfort, less time spent in meetings, and more time spent productively?